Guy  L Youngmann 
Chief of Police
Fenton,  Missouri

Guy L Youngmann

Guy was born August 8th, 1922 and grew up in St.Louis, Missouri. Always thinking about being a policeman, Guy became a member of the Webster Groves Missouri Police Department in 1950 as a patrolman.  

Within a couple of years he was assigned to ride the departments motorcycle. In 1956 Guy left police work to become a salesman for a vending company.

Realizing that he really wanted to return to police work, Guy decided to run for the 1967 elected Marshal’s / Chief of Police position for the City of Fenton, Missouri.

Guy Youngmann won the 1967 election, and the next 13 elections which were held every two years. Guy lost the 1993 election to Al Bryan. Guy then retired from police work. As of 2014, he still resides in Fenton, Mo. 

Guy Youngman
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