Phil St Onge
Chief  of  Police

Phil was born in St. Louis County Missouri in 1925. At 30 years of age, he decided that he would like to pursue a career in police work.

On July 1st, 1955 he became one of the original members of the newly formed St. Louis County Police Department. Phil was issued DSN # 153, and within a few months he was assigned to the detective bureau.

In 1962 Phil resigned from the County Police to accept a position with the Ballwin Mo. Police Department. Phil was appointed as a Captain, and was placed in charge of the police department until the elected position of Marshal was eliminated.

In 1963, Ballwin voters did eliminate the elected Marshals position, and it was at that time that Phil was appointed as the first Chief of Police. In 1966,  Phil left the Ballwin Police to head the security division for the Kroger Food Stores. In 1976 Phil left Kroger to head the security section for Quick Stops which was known later as 7-11 stores. Phil retired from 7-11 in 1987 and still lives in the Ballwin, Mo.

1961 photo--Detective St Louis Co Police
Members of the Ballwin Police Department 1962
Phil as the Chief---1963 photo
Phil  2012
1961 Presidential Campaign--Phil to the right and behind Kennedy.
Phil and David Brown
Baumer-Loehr-Beckett-St Onge-?-?-?-Dixon
Phil as Captain for Ballwin 1962
Marshal's Badge donated by Phil St Onge.  This badge was retired in 1963 when the voters in the City of Ballwin eliminated the elected Marshal's position.