My Name is David Brown and I am the son of the late Louis C. Brown of Valley Park Mo.  

     I began my law enforcement career in 1969 when I was appointed as an officer for  the Fenton, Mo. Police Department.  In mid 1969, I received a letter to report for induction into the U.S. Army.  After completing basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood Mo., I was assigned to the 521st Military Police Unit located at Fort Belvior, Virginia as police officer. After completing my tour of duty in 1971, I returned to the Fenton Police Department.

     In 1980 I became an officer for  the Kirkwood, Missouri Police Department where I remained until April 1986.  In April  of 1986, I was elected  to the position of Marshal / Chief Of Police for the City of Valley Park, Missouri.  This is a position that my father had held  since 1950 when he was elected.  This  elected position was for a 2 year term  until 1990, at which time it was changed to a 4 year term.

     In 1999 the city fathers decided to eliminate the police department which had been in operation since 1918 and contract for police services through St. Louis County.  As a result of this decision, I felt it was time for me to retire from police work. 
Fenton Missouri Police Department
Ft. Belvoir, Va.----521st Military unit
Kirkwood Police Department  1980 /1986
DSN 192
Valley Park Police Department
My dad swearing me in as the newly elected Marshal / Chief of Police
April 1986
My first badge and patch as the new chief
My photo 1990
Badge I designed in 1990.
I had the year I was elected engraved 
on the back.
My retirement badge 1999
Patch an Marshal's badge 
I designed in 1990
Business card
Louis Brown ret. Chief----Leonard Dillman VP Officer and Chief--
Jim Pefferkorn Valley Park officer 1950's---David Brown

L/R   1990 photo

Dad and I at the I.A.C.P. conference
Tulsa, Ok.
1988 photo taken by the Suburban Journal Paper. They published an article about my collection of  law enforcement memorobilia.
David W Brown
Chief of Police